VoIP monitoring and network QA

With monitoring, you are sure to be the first to know about issues with your network and services.

We provide monitoring as a service or product and can measure and monitor various aspects of your network. We provide monitoring of:

  • The quality of the network as, packet loss, latency and variations in response times.
  • Monitoring of your services such as HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, SIP and others.
  • Measuring quality of IP telephony and troubleshooting calls.
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Monitoring of network quality

Screenshots from Smokeping and Cacti.

Smokeping works by calling the services you want to monitor. There are plugins for a variety of services such as DNS, SIP, ping, etc.

Smokeping sends a swarm of calls and measures differences in response time, which is marked as "smoke". If the response times suddenly begins to vary this may be a reason to troubleshoot. Smokeping also measures packet loss and marks it with colored stripes in the chart.

We setup Cacti for collecting data with SNMP from servers, switches and other equipment. Cacti collects various data as: traffic statistics for network cards, processor load, temperatures, etc. . It is also easy to extend the data collected and customize it based on your needs.

We can set this up for you on your server or deliver pre-configured hardware. We also offer monitoring of network quality as a service.

Monitoring of services

Screenshots from Nagios to monitor services and alert on issues.

With Nagios we monitor the availability of services. Nagios sends alerts to the on-call technicians so that the error can be tracked down and fixed. There are plugins to monitor everything from websites respond times to DNS, SIP, SMTP, etc. It is not difficult to extend the checks and add custom checks.

As with monitoring of network quality, we can supply this as a service or put up on a server on your premise. We can also help you with setting up your own monitoring in-house.

Monitoring of your services is included in all our products for hosting and co-location. This way, you can be sure that everything runs smoothly, and that issues are taken care of.

Monitoring of IP telephony with Voipmonitor

Voipmonitor monitors and analyzes IP telephony.

A good solution for monitoring is essential to ensure good call quality and to analyze and troubleshoot issues.

IP telephony are a demanding application and is often one of the first services to be impaired by delays and bottlenecks. With our tools you can "reverse the clock" and analyze call quality and interference before your customers react .

We install and provide support for Voipmonitor that records and analyzes the VoIP protocols. Voipmonitor enables you to get reports on quality, look at signaling for specific calls, and perform troubleshooting.

We deliver a complete solution that is ready to use. We can also take care of the ongoing maintenance and support. All software has a powerful web interface that your support staff can use.

Consulting & Support

Do you need help troubleshooting a faulty network or network services? We are located in the Gothenburg area and can get out to the site to troubleshoot the problem.

We also help with planning, building and managing the operation of the network so that you avoid problems. We also build Linux-based routers and firewalls to customer specific needs. This means high operational stability and security. Please contact us for more information.