Web development

Today, the majority of the users use internet to find product information. A website is probably the most effective marketing you can do to reach new customers.

We build everything from simple websites to more advanced custom web solutions.

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Why a web presence matters

  For seventeen years, the availability of Internet (in Sweden) for the population has increased year by year, from 2 percent in 1995 to 89 percent in 2012.    Olle Findahl, Swedes and the Internet 2012, .SE (The Swedish Internet Infrastructure Foundation)

Internet has become the arena where most users communicate and find information about products and services. From having been used mainly on home computers, access to internet via phones and tablets is now more common.

  • 55% of the Swedish population has internet access on mobile phones
  • 71% use the internet daily
  • 88% regularly looks for product information

A website ensures that you are where your customers are. This way, you give your customers the ability to receive offers, find out your hours or even buy directly from their couch.

We help you find a strategy for how you can be present and develop a solution that can keep up to date yourself. We can also assist with layout, design, graphics and photography.

We are working in projects together with our customers. We use the same approach as when we are developing telephony solutions, although some steps can be simplified for smaller projects.

Design & visual identity

Good design makes a difference and is something that your customers will appreciate. Design is not just the color and shape, it's about highlighting the important and peel away the less important things. It also means that your website works as well on mobile, tablet or computers.

No matter the size of the project, we like to go the extra mile. It takes a little extra effort, but the end result will be that much better.

Although our primary focus is web development we are not shy of helping you with more traditional graphic design. Your visual identity will reflect your strengths and your company .

Website in Drupal

We develop web pages using a CMS named Drupal. Drupal is open source and developed as a community effort. We use Drupal to develop both smaller and larger websites.

Why Drupal? It is a stable and powerful platform. Drupal also has many modules for additional features that make it possible to expand and change based on your needs. Since it is based on open source you will have full control of your web solution.

Drupal allows you to update the content of your website via a web interface. This way you can keep it current, post news and adjusting, for example the opening hours for holidays. Drupal adds flexibility and saves time compared to a solution that is custom built.

Aside from developing websites in Drupal, we offer operation and hosting of your website. This means that we take care of the technical maintenance and ongoing operation for you.

Custom web development in Symfony

A customized conferencing solution with built-in media player.

We build custom web applications in the Symfony Framework.

In many cases it saves resources to use Drupal, but sometimes you need a more powerful tool .

The disadvantage of a custom solution versus Drupal is that development time will be longer. Changes will require programming efforts.

The advantage is that it is possible to build virtually anything . Integrate web and telephony? No problem. Build applications that integrate with your systems? Absolutely. Contact us and we'll help you!